Tokelau has a great taste. Gives me energy as well as satiety in the morning. Easy to order. Great service.
I ❤️ The taste... rich and bold. I ❤️ The convience of the Kcup especially for travel! ☕️❤️☕️
Very easy to deal with and great products.
Very smooth taste and a ncie brew!
I love the convenience the k-cup offers me while I am at work. I do have all the ingredients necessary to make a bulletproof/rocket fuel coffee, but sometimes I don’t want to make the mess. Tokelau does that for me! And it tastes great! Good quality coffee, excellent fats. I highly recommend Tokelau!
Great product. Excellent service! I love coconut oil in my coffee and the Tokelau product is a tasty way to enjoy all the good benefits.
The MCT coffee tastes great for breakfast in the mornings. I love it
It's good, but pricey
Easy to make and great flavor.
Like the coffee. Love the idea.
The instant didn’t disappoint and what a pleasure to NOT have to blend it!
Great product and good taste..makes life easier
I find this product to be a very good purchase. My rating is mostly about the quality but takes into consideration that most do not understand the benefits of MCT oil.
Even thought it’s very expensive, it’s amazing!
Good taste. Convenient.
very yummy - i can drink this without cream - and that's rare for me.
Easy to remember daily. Good taste. No aftertaste.
Very good, not a great amazing taste but a very good one.
I really like the coffee. wanted different shipping options to receive it though. Thought $10 to ship was a bit more than I would like to pay
While a bit pricey (for my retirement budget) per cup, is excellent tasting and so much easier than making from scratch. I shared with son and DIL and they were also very pleased...”Excellent”...we all will be ordering!